“Talkers are no good doers.”

—William Shakespeare, Richard III, Act 1, Scene 3

Image of Shakespeare with the quote

Shakespeare sure had a way with words!

I had to re-read today’s quote several times, letting it percolate for a while before I chose it for today’s post.

What was your first interpretation?

What other meanings might it have for you?

I first thought about an individual being all talk and no action. Next, I considered whether talkers, or those too busy being interesting to be interested, were bad people, arrogant, with excessive egos.

What is the message you prefer, or relate to the most?


What are your views on people who talk far more than they listen?

What would others say about your propensity to talk versus listen?

What relationship does this issue have with what actually gets done, and what you learn?

Feel free to respond to this post with your thoughts and perspectives.