“The best leaders see themselves as CROs: Chief Reminder Officers.”

—Patrick Lencioni, author of The Motive

Image from Unsplash by Volodymyr Hryschchenko

What do the following have in common?
• The Ten Commandments
• The Pledge of Allegiance
• A catchy campaign slogan
• A vision or mission statement
• Mom’s reminder to wash your hands and brush your teeth as a child

They are all examples of leadership in that they remind us of things we value and believe in.

When most effective, these reminders are not only remembered, but can also be seen coming from those of us engendered by their messages. In this way, leaders create more leaders to share their messages.


Who are the Chief Reminder Officers in your world, and what are their key messages?

Where are or can you be a CRO for others in your personal and professional communities?