“The earth is the very quintessence of the human condition.”

—Hanna Arendt, 20th Century political philosopher, author, and Holocaust survivor

Image from Unsplash by Louis Reed

The latest annual edition of the Global Risk Report by the World Economic Forum, states that the majority of global leaders feel worried and concerned about the outlook of the world, and only 3.7% feel optimistic.

In the survey, nearly 1,000 experts and leaders across various disciplines, organizations, and geographies weighed in on the various Short (0-2 years), Medium (2-5 years) and Long-term impacts on our planet.

When it came to short term risks, respondents identified social risks including the erosion of “social cohesion” and “livelihood crisis” as the most immediate risks to the world.


Please review the study to become even more aware of the other societal, environmental, economic, technological, and geopolitical factors that are reflections of our human condition and the state of our beautiful and fragile world.

Consider the influence and power you have to impact these risks in your various communities.