“The second time you forget something, stop and create a better plan for remembering.”

Stephen St. Amant, author of the Savenwood Blog

Image from Unsplash by Aaron Burden

Over the course of our lives, we develop numerous habits and engage in daily rituals that are automatic.

These behaviors are so ingrained they don’t require any special tools or support.

For other efforts, we sometimes slip and forget important activities that can undermine our confidence and self-worth.

Many of us use checklists to help us remember the promises we’ve made to ourselves and others.

What happens when we forget to add an item to the list or forget the list altogether?

In the book Influencer: The Power to Change Anything the authors recommend using a personal, social, and structural matrix to help prevent things from slipping through the cracks.

What strategies help you remember the important and urgent aspects of life?

Consider check out the book Influencer to broaden your repertoire of techniques for remembering.

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