“When will you do it?”

—Author Unknown

Image from Unsplash byJeshoots.com

Most people love to be lead by inspired, visionary leaders of great character. They find it easy to buy in and align on the dreams and possibilities spoken by such people.

Alternatively, many people have difficulty with management and managers who want us to do as they wish. When such individuals try to hold us accountable by asking or demanding through the question, When will you do it?, we cringe and generally comply without the feeling of empowerment we all crave.

When inspired leadership comes before management, things feel very different. The answers to what and when we will do something come far easier and are often accompanied by genuine enthusiasm. In such cases, self-management and making and keeping promises provide us the empowerment we desire.


Where and on what personal or professional priority can and will you apply your own self-leadership and self-management? How can the question When will you do it? help you realize new levels of achievement and personal satisfaction?