“Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

—Alfred Pennyworth, to Batman

Image from Unsplash by Eugene Chystiakov

Falling and picking oneself up is essential to the human experience.

From the days of infancy and toddler-hood, the ups and down of our little ones are an excellent best example.

No parent or grandparent would ever suggest that crawling would be a sufficient long term way of getting around.

Encouraging our children to stand, walk, and run is at the heart of wanting them to succeed and thrive.

For some of us however, the process of falling down and getting up becomes too painful. “I’ll never do that again” creeps into our minds as the governor of our life engines.


What is your perspective on the process of falling and getting back up?

What valuable lessons and skills have you picked up in the process of rising again and again over the years?