“Without jumping off its perch, the bird would never fly.”

—Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening

Image from Unsplash by AARN GIRI

I love to watch documentaries and educational programing about animals and our natural world. The best programs include outstanding visuals and a compelling story about how these creatures go about securing food, avoiding predators, finding a mate, and adapting to their environments.

Among all the animals, there is something magical about young birds. They go from helpless, blind, squawking mouths to feed to soaring sparrows and eagles that can inspire even the most sedentary couch potato of us to get up and spread our wings — even if it is just to secure another snack.


Where is it necessary for you or others in your communities to jump off your perch and spread your wings? What will you do, and where will you go when you fly?

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  1. Just a great reminder to take action and be uncomfortable in your pursuit of growing.
    Thank you for sharing and for being so consistent in sharing content with us. 🙂

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