“You don’t need to wear a hoodie or a lab coat to be an innovator.”

—Josh Linkner, Top Rated Keynote Speaker and World-Renowned Innovation Expert

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What do Earvin Magic Johnson, Seth Godin, Adam Grant, Steve Case, Richard Davis, and Eric Lefkofsky have in common?

If you happen to have recently read Big Little Breakthroughs, you would know the they are fans of the author Josh Linkner.

Instead of innovation, being accessible to only a select few, Josh offers through many real-world examples. In dozens of small ways we can all innovate and be far more creative in our personal and professional worlds, to generate big results.

Cutting edge research from Harvard University proves that all human beings are creative. In fact, 85% of creativity is learned behavior. Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle is fear — literally robbing us of this innate human capacity.


If you would like to learn The 10 Commandments of Brainstorming, The Seven Deadly Sins of Creativity, and Five Innovation Lessons from the Beatles, please check out the big ideas in this little book.