“Your attention is being spammed all day long.”

—Michael S. Hyatt, American Leadership Expert

Image from Unsplash by Stephen Phillips

We can all easily think of a handful of spammy occurrences in our day, and agree that spam is something we detest and wish to avoid. Many of us have begun using spam detection and elimination tools to lighten the load.

Despite our efforts, few of us experience the full level of peace, calm, and freedom we desire throughout our days.

Over the past few decades, top astrophysicists introduced the phenomena of dark matter as the reason galaxies are held together in diverse and beautiful shapes. It is estimated that there is actually five times as much dark matter as regular matter that makes up the stars and planets we see.


What if there were five times the amount of spam than what we actually detect?

How might looking into the dark world of spam and its gravitational pull on our attention release us to lead far better lives?