“A defining moment is a short experience that is both memorable and meaningful.”

—Chip & Dan Heath, The Power of Moments

Image from Unsplash by Charisse Kenion

I’d like to take you on a trip back in time.

After you read this post, close your eyes and reflect back on your life. Go back as far as you can to those memorable and meaningful moments, starting with your days as a child and all the way up to today. Take your time and visualize yourself and those who shared the moments with you.

Exploring old photo albums, yearbooks, and social media images and posts can expand your recollections.

Which events do you consider to be of greatest significance? What are the defining moments that shaped your values, beliefs, and character to have you become the person you are today?


How can and will you more consciously capture and appreciate more memorable and meaningful moments as you head into the days, weeks, and years that lie ahead?