“A mistake is only as valuable as the time you spend learning from it.”

Niklas Göke, Author of 2-Minute Pep Talks

Image from Unsplash by Daniela Holzer

How do you usually respond when someone points out a mistake you’ve made?

My first reaction is often denial or a quick “sorry,” then I put it behind me.

What happens when the person pointing out this misstep continues to mention the error of your ways?

We almost never appreciate them rubbing it in, do we?

What if rubbing it in is actually what is needed in certain situations?

Where and how would a deeper look and a bit more time to contemplate our mishaps allow a valuable lesson to sink in and stick well beyond the moment?


What are some examples of significant mistakes you have made recently or over the years?

To what degree do you take the time to let their lessons seep in and impact your future efforts?

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  1. Thankfully, I haven’t made any significant mistakes in the past few years. I’m becoming smarter in my later years, maybe? Hopefully I can pass some of my ‘wisdom’ down to my daughters.

    I happened upon this YouTube video a few weeks ago. A grandma passing on her wisdom, based on her life experiences. I found it very interesting and enlightening.


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