“A worthy goal can be intimate. Choose the scale that suits you and feel your way into the journey.”

—Author Unknown

Image from Unsplash by Ronnie Overgoor

How do you feel about goal setting?

Do you have multi-page documents on hand with spreadsheets, timelines, and milestones? Or do you avoid such details altogether?

Many people see goals from a “go big or go home” perspective. If it doesn’t make a big enough dent in the universe, it’s not worthwhile.

Although Nobel prizes are nice, it is far more empowering for the rest of us to set our sights on more modest and more personally meaningful targets.

Sometimes even having a general direction for our journeys and putting forth our best efforts is more than enough.


What are some of the worthy goals you have been reluctant to pursue?

How can you realize the satisfaction of pursuing your intimate desires without having to tell the whole world?

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