“All things are difficult before they are easy.”

—Thomas Fuller, 17th Century English churchman and historian

Photo from Flickr By City Gypsy II

Photo from Flickr By City Gypsy II

Take a moment to examine all the things you do with ease, every day. Walking. Talking. Turning a page. Reading a paragraph. Most of these activities are so effortless you don’t even pay attention to what goes into making them happen.

Imagine for a moment you had a time machine, and could go back to the point in your infant life where these activities were difficult. Now go forward a bit – how long did it take to move from difficulty to competency, and then to mastery?


What professional or personal goal do you find difficult at this moment? Begin the journey today, and at some point in the future, this goal will be part of your list of successes.

Feel free to reply to this message with the goal you selected.