“As a frightened man in a burning boat has only one way to the rest of his life, we must move with courage through the wall of flame into the greater sea.”

Mark Nepo, poet and spiritual adviser

Image from Unsplash by dan carlson

Where and when in your life did you last demonstrate significant courage? What are some examples of facing your fears and jumping into an unsettled sea?

Today’s quote does not suggest we risk life and limb as proof of courage, but does  suggest that we should welcome the heat, and test the waters of our days more often.

What are some current situations in which you are experiencing the flames of fears?

When in the past did you step through such flames, standing taller on the other side?


To what degree is your current level of courage putting you on a course to fulfill the vision you have for your life?

When can and will you step up and over the edge of your fears to realize far more of your potential?