“Beauty was not simply something to behold; It was something one could do.”

—Toni Morrison, late American novelist

Image from Unsplash by Blake Wisz

My son-in-law Chris did something beautiful on a Friday night a few weeks ago. He made homemade pizza. Discussing his process of proofing special pizza flour for 48 hours and making his sauce with fresh garlic and basil made us all drool as we waited for its exit from the oven. He topped off his masterpiece with mozzarella and locatelli, which brought back memories of my mom from childhood. I devoured four pieces and had to restrain myself from another.

We all took delight in the joy Chris experienced as he created and presented his work of art with love. He now intends to begin baking homemade bread.


How much beauty do you experience each day? Where and how can you create more beauty in your world to please and delight yourself and those around you?