Notice the pressure of perfect

Notice the pressure of perfect.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Christian Erfurt

Today’s quote is for you, even if you are not a perfectionist.

Although many of us like order in our lives, most of us realize that life is messy and perfection isn’t possible.

For those of us who know or perhaps live with a perfectionist, we can see the pressure this trait puts on them — and us — through our proximity.

Far too often we fall short of our expectations and the angst of not being good enough sends many of us to dark places.

Getting 1600 on your SATs and having the stress of living a 4.0 life isn’t likely to produce a happy, meaningful life.


Where in your world is the pressure to be perfect not working for you or others?

In what current situations is good enough good enough?

Sometimes I wrote things because I couldn’t say them

“Sometimes I wrote things because I couldn’t say them…. couldn’t keep them bottled inside me.”

Octavia E. Butler, 20th Century award-winning American science fiction author

Image from Unsplash by Bianca Stancescu

How often do you enjoy beverages with bubbles? Recall the sounds when each bottle is first opened and the audible fizz when you pour its contents into a glass.

Liquids under pressure are always waiting for us to release them.

What pressures are you experiencing these days?

How often do you internalize the stresses and strains of life and keep things bottled up?


How could keeping a journal or notebook help you express and release some of the strong feelings you keep bottled up?

How could talking with a trusted friend or family member help you release even more of this pressure?