Loosen your grip on Life

Loosen your grip on life. Sometimes we need to let things work themselves out in their own time and in their own way.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Mick Haupt

Are you a golfer or have taken a lesson or two before deciding it may not be the sport for you?

If so, you might have begun your efforts holding the club with a death grip and swung with all your might.

This approach never works and we eventually learn that a more flexible and looser grip is the way to go.


On what life matters are you gripping too tightly?

Where would a more relaxed and flexible approach help you perform better and enjoy more strolls along life’s fairways?

Sometimes I wrote things because I couldn’t say them

“Sometimes I wrote things because I couldn’t say them…. couldn’t keep them bottled inside me.”

Octavia E. Butler, 20th Century award-winning American science fiction author

Image from Unsplash by Bianca Stancescu

How often do you enjoy beverages with bubbles? Recall the sounds when each bottle is first opened and the audible fizz when you pour its contents into a glass.

Liquids under pressure are always waiting for us to release them.

What pressures are you experiencing these days?

How often do you internalize the stresses and strains of life and keep things bottled up?


How could keeping a journal or notebook help you express and release some of the strong feelings you keep bottled up?

How could talking with a trusted friend or family member help you release even more of this pressure?