“Do your expectations fuel you or deflate you?”

—Chip Conley, author of Emotional Equations

Having something to look forward to is a powerful thing. It sets up our expectations and can shift our present moment attitude toward positivity and anticipation.

Notice how you feel when you look forward to:

  • A weekend
  • A vacation
  • A tasty meal
  • Time with a good friend
  • A massage or spa treatment
  • A nap or good night’s sleep

Unfortunately, negative expectations about the future can take the wind out of us just as easily. Consider these situations:

  • Career and job instability or simply a job you don’t like on a Monday morning
  • Being in poor or uncertain health
  • An impending visit to the dentist
  • A bad weather forecast


How can and will you use greater mindfulness and self-awareness to maximize your positive and minimize your negative expectations?

Practicing and applying this exercise daily can provide the fuel for a more fulfilling life.