“Don’t do hard things alone.”

—Author Unknown

Image from Unsplash by Martin Péchy

Wendy and I are in the process of doing a very hard thing. We’re moving from Michigan, our home for 34 years, back to Pennsylvania, to be close to family and friends.

This decision came about due to several factors, including my capacity to coach from anywhere with a solid Wi-Fi signal.

We have so many people to thank and are quite clear that trying to list them all by name would surely leave a few out, so here is the general list of the villagers who came to our rescue:

Family – especially our children Contractors
Friends Storage Unit Professionals
Realtors Movers
Financial Advisors Home Buyers and Sellers
Lawyers Coaches and Mentors


Where have you — or where are you — in the process of doing something hard?

Who are the people to thank or request additional aide to pull off the monumental moves in your life?