“Today, what did I do for my mind? My body? My spirit? My Relationships? My Creativity, Passion, and those I love?”

—Author Unknown

Image from Unsplash by Dayne Topkin

Today’s quote should probably be read twice a day for at least a month. Reviewing it at night will provide a pause for self-reflection. Reading it early in the day can help you better focus your intentions to better support and serve yourself and others.

Just like strength and resistance training works better with multiple sets, this twice-a-day reflective exercise might be a great routine to make into a daily practice.


Take out a notebook or journal to answer the questions in today’s quote every day for at least a week. Consider adding another set to this exercise by sharing your answers with a family member, friend, colleague, and perhaps your coach.

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  1. Love this one, Barry. Whether it’s in the work environment, with friends, family or in volunteerism, it’s always appropriate to evaluate how we are helping others as well as ourselves!
    Great reminder, and yes, twice a day is even better as it’s easy to get off-track and mired down in the muck mid-day. 🙂

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