Embrace the new year and take the time to be renewed and reborn.

—Calm app Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Lukas Szmigiel

It is very common this time of year for many of us to review and reflect on the past year. TV shows and all types of media provide us with the top stories, photographs, and events that impacted and shaped us. How have you changed? What have you learned? What wisdom have you gained?

Instead of looking within, we may wish to look outside at nature’s mirror for guidance on living.  What can you observe regarding how our natural world reveals clear examples of ongoing growth, renewal, and transformation?


Sometime this week, get out of your home and your vehicle and step more fully into the natural world.

Take a walk, visit a body of water, look up at the sky and even try a forest bath.

What lessons are being offered to help you more fully embrace the year ahead?

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  1. There is no bare soil in nature, this year we have gone further than no dig, we have covered the whole garden with newspaper, cardboard, then a layer of mushroom compost, then 4 – 6 in of green woodchip, overwintered it will be as fertile as woodland, – we did part of the garden last year and grew some beautiful juicy sweet tasty tender veg, even organic shop-bought does not taste as good. If we can do it (at 77 and 81) anyone can grow their own and help save the planet

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