“Examine everything as though you had just taken off blinders.”

—Barbara Ann Kipfer, Author of Self-Meditation

Image of a blindfolded woman

Image from The Bittersweet Score

Imagine losing your sight for 24 hours. Perhaps you had a surgical procedure and were required to wear blinders to protect those sensitive windows into the world.

What would that be like? What would be the impact on your other senses? Perhaps most interestingly, what would you observe and appreciate even more when you removed the blinders?

Although this is an extreme example, consider that fact that we all wear blinders or at least perceptual lenses by which we view the world. Some are particularly dark and negative, doing a number on our happiness and overall life satisfaction.


Take off your blinders or at least your perceptual sunglasses today and look deeper and completely at the people and things around you.

Feel free to reply to this post to share what new, brighter, and surprisingly different things you observe.