“I love the smell of fresh ambition in the morning.”

-Author Unknown

image from aspiringmormonwomen.org

image from aspiringmormonwomen.org

In the late 90s I was lucky to meet Dr. Wayne Dyer, who was the keynote speaker at a coaching conference. Following his presentation, many of us stood in line to purchase Manifest Your Destiny, which was his new book at the time. I also purchased the optional CD titled Meditations to Manifest. I had always wanted to learn to meditate, and felt this was a good time to start.

The CD contained two meditations: one to kick start your morning, and the other to slow down your pace and quiet your mind in the evening, so you could recharge for another day as you slept.

I particularly liked the premise that each of us is endowed with a god-like quality to manifest our days as we choose.


What new or augmented morning habit or ritual could you engage in to help you inhale and pursue your highest ambitions each and every day?