How often do you let fear stop you from achieving your goal? Here are a few fear-related posts you may have missed. Happy Halloween!


“Do one thing each day that scares you.”





“Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid.”





“If it scares you, it may be a good thing to try.”








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  1. Good morning Barry!

    I continue to enjoy your daily quotes. Thank you for your time and effort to create and share them. The conglomeration of today’s quotes and topic resonates with me. It is now nearly 2 years since I retired from GM. I’ve begun a new career as an account executive in sales at White Glove (see website below). I’ve wanted to be in sales since I was in my 20’s but pursued the path of engineering. It was a challenging and rewarding career for me. Now, I am presented with a new set of challenges (and fears) and I am steadfastly moving forward as I want to achieve success in my new career as it is one that has been unfulfilled for nearly 4 decades. Thank YOU for sharing from your heart and personal experience. Wishing you and your family robust health, peace and joy!

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