“If it scares you, it may be a good thing to try.”

-Seth Godin, American Author

QC #803

As I examine my own life and identify its highlights, I realize that many of them involved overcoming a fear in order to achieve some form of breakthrough. Among them are:

  • Starting my first business at age eleven!
  • Risking rejecting in applying to a highly competitive high school.
  • The “What Ifs” of resigning from a secure yet unsatisfying Fortune 500 career to enter the coaching profession when it was in its infancy.
  • The fear of judgement as I began speaking to increasingly large groups of people.
  • Risking potential criticism and judgement in writing and publishing my own blog and book.


Examine the things that have scared you over the years, and look at what scares you today. Where would giving some of these things a try help you overcome the fears and bring you even greater rewards and life satisfaction?

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