“The essence of self discipline is to do the important thing rather than the urgent thing.”

-Barry Werner, American Sportscaster

QC #802

When it comes to prioritizing our days and getting things done, most people are familiar with some form of Time Matrix that breaks tasks into four categories:

  1. Important and Urgent.
  2. Not Important, and Not Urgent.
  3. Not Important, but Urgent.
  4. Important, but Not Urgent.

Virtually everyone would agree that item #1 – Important and Urgent – would be given the highest priority, and item #2 – Not Important and Not Urgent – would be the lowest. The challenge for most people is sorting through the amount of time we devote – or should I say “lose” – by inadvertently slipping into more #3 – Not Important, but Urgent – than #4 – Important, but Not Urgent.


Where would the habit of greater discipline concerning the important matters in your life pay you the highest returns, personally or professionally?

Consider selecting a friend, family member, mentor, or coach to work with in this area as soon as possible.