“How often do you project your current mindset and assumptions into past and future events?”

—Author Unknown

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Over the past several years—and especially in the past few months—I’ve become increasingly interested in the phenomena of conscious and unconscious bias.

When I examined my upbringing and the various communities in which I operate, I experienced repeated rude awakenings.

It was always easier to see other people’s biases and be blinded to my own. Though books, seminars, and conversations with friends and colleagues, I’ve gotten a better look at myself and didn’t always like what I saw.

With greater awareness, I am inspired to do better, and filled with a sense of hope.


How aware are you of your current assumptions and biases?

When and how often do you use them to protect and justify your views?

Consider reading the book Caste — The Origins of our Discontents, by Isabell Wilkerson to take a deeper look into this important issue.