“I am, as all mortals are, unable to be patient.”

—Pablo Neruda, 20th Century Chilean Nobel Prize Poet

Image from Unsplash by Julien L

My grandson Weston loves to watch TV, especially when he is learning something new. The options for both learning and entertainment these days seem limitless. I find his ability to keep a laser focus on most occasions remarkable.

Many of his favorite programs are found on YouTube, which inserts ads if you are not a premium customer. Upon seeing these ads, he promptly says “Skip It,” not wanting to wait even the 5 seconds to hit the link for the show to resume.

Where in your personal and professional worlds do you find yourself edgy and impatient with the pace of things? How do you behave when you desire to get back to the good stuff of what you consider important and urgent?


What are the payoffs and benefits of your impatience?

Where is there a cost or some considerable downside to skipping things that are truly important in your life?