“I recommend that the Statue of Liberty be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the west coast.”

—Victor Frankl, Austrian neurologist, author, and Holocaust survivor

Image from Unsplash by Miltiadis Fragkidis

As a relatively new grandparent, I’ve become interested in parenting approaches in today’s rapidly changing world. When I think of the phrase “Teach your children well,” I recall my own upbringing and our efforts with our two adult children, now in their mid-thirties.

Even if you are not a parent or grandparent, consider your own upbringing. How much liberty and how much responsibility were taught and modeled by your elders?

As we fast forward to today, what lessons do our children — and for that matter all of us — need to live healthy,  happy, and responsible lives within our various communities?


Where do you stand on the pursuit of freedom and liberty in the world? What is your perspective on the benefits of greater responsibility? What steps are needed coast-to-coast and throughout the world?