“It’s hard to build momentum if you are divided in your attention.”

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

Image from Unsplash by Nubelson Fernandes

Most people are familiar with the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall.” As we nod in agreement, our thoughts often lean toward communities or teams that need to pull together to achieve a worthy goal.

These days, our attention may also include numerous global issues that require a united front.

Today’s quote offers a shift from the macro to the micro.

It points us inward to our individual worlds and frequent forays in multiple directions that often get us nowhere.


Where do you find your attention divided in your personal or professional efforts?

How and where would a more focused approach generate the momentum you need to achieve what you most desire?

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  1. In my peronal life, technology easily divides my attention. I could have a plan laid out for how to spend my entire day, but social media, emails pull my focus away from the plan. And just like that, my day takes an unintended detour- a useless one for that matter.

    I think my focused approach would be setting boundaries and practicing intentional focus to help me regain control over my attention.

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