“Let us keep our silent sanctuaries, for in them the eternal perspectives are preserved.”

—Etienne Pivert de Senancour, 19th Century French essayist and philosopher

Image from Unsplash by David Edelstein

Where do you go to do a little soul searching? Where are the silent sanctuaries in which you can reflect on the most important aspects of your life? How often and how much time do you commit to these inner journeys?

Our new home in Pennsylvania has a loft that, with a set of two doors closed, provides for the silence and solitude I seek to do some of my most valuable reflective work. I’ve also found that walking in the very early morning hours makes most places a silent sanctuary to examine one’s eternal perspectives.


What are some of your own silence-seeking strategies and tactics that you preserve and protect to recharge and do your most important work? Please reply to this post with the approaches that work best for you.

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  1. I crave a silent sanctuary daily. This is how I start every day. On the best days I can walk to the park at the end of my street and sit by the creek. Hearing the sound of water is so soothing. But I’m Michigan it’s often not possible to do that outside. Then I go to my inner hermitage and imagine I’m outside. Sometimes I use a sound app and listen to the creek that way. I have a prayer chair in a special spot in my house where I go to meditate and get filled up.

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