“Make it fun if you want it done.”

Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling Author

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What are your definitions of work and play? Consider examining the numerous activities throughout your day to determine the ratio of one to the other.

Which of your efforts are both enjoyable and productive? What duties do you dread and often avoid altogether for more pleasant pursuits?

My grandson Weston loves to play, and within minutes no one would ever recognize that the house was cleaned moments earlier. Getting him to clean up and put things back where they belong is no fun for him or mom and dad.  Making clean up a game where numbers, colors, shapes, and toy categories are identifiers helps immensely, especially when his efforts are timed.


How can you gamify and add a bunch more fun to some of your more challenging or distasteful tasks? Consider reading Brian Tracy’s book, Eat That Frog for more ideas on getting things done.