“No matter how far the distance you have traveled or the failures that have gathered… Hope would still meet you anywhere.”

—Dodinsky, Author of In the Garden of Thoughts

Image from Unsplash by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

How far have you traveled in the past seven months? How many failures and setbacks have you experienced during the same period? How hopeful are you about the future?

What information and clues did you use as you examined these questions?

We have all heard the idea that Hope in itself is not a strategy. For many—including me—it sure does inspire and mobilize us to take bolder, more committed action toward a better future for ourselves and those in our communities.


Where and in what ways can you meet, greet, and embrace Hope wherever you are, regardless of the distance traveled or the failures gathered? What steps can and will you take today, tomorrow, and down the road to realize the hopeful future you desire?