“Our truest paths are carved out by the stuff that’s in our hearts.”

-Author Unknown

Image from www.breadandyoga.com

Image from www.breadandyoga.com

When was the last time you experienced pain? Many people experience frequent or ongoing pain. For the purpose of this post, I’d like you to examine the last time you experienced a headache, a stomachache, or given today’s quote, a heartache.

Fortunately for most, headaches and stomachaches are often temporary and subside in a reasonable time frame. Heartaches, on the other hand, are often more debilitating and endure far longer, due to the significance we attribute to the people and issues associated with them.

For myself and many others, these heartaches are an indication that we have been “all in” and fully invested in someone or something great or significant to us.


Where and in what ways can you express your truest path by living more consistently and fully with your heart and make any future heartaches well worth it?