“You don’t need to create a masterpiece every day. You need to get some oil on the canvas every day.”

—Brendon Burchard, American Motivational Author

image of art paper with three color bars

Image from craftsy.com

Do you have young children? Are you a grandparent? Do you have little ones as part of your world on a daily basis? If so, consider their artistic efforts with crayons, markers, and paints. Recall a time when their masterpieces took a prominent spot on your walls or refrigerator. Their efforts were cherished and celebrated for whatever images made it on those canvases.

Unfortunately, as adults we often become judge and jury for our own efforts and those of others, making excellence or perfection the only worthy goal.


Where and in what ways can you more fully appreciate and recognize your efforts, and those of others, to get some oil on the canvas every day?