“Remove the mental candy from your environment.”

—James Clear, author, entrepreneur, and photographer

Image from Unsplash by Amit Lahav

When was the last time you visited the dentist? If you are like many, the idea of opening your mouth for an hour and having someone  poking around in there seems foolhardy.

I’ve been even more diligent this past year in brushing and flossing, and have avoided popcorn with its frequent rock-hard kernels that are often the source of a dental emergency.

A few of us may even be cutting back on sweets but my guess is that with the need for comfort this year, both actual sweets and a few extra servings of mental candy may have caused some decay.


What sources of mental candy are most readily available in your environment? How can you avoid their enticing and addictive qualities by putting them out of reach or eliminating some completely?