“Always have old memories and young hopes.”

—Arsene Houssaye, 17th century French novelist

Image from Unsplash by Jon Tyson

We are moving. After 34 years in beautiful Michigan, we are moving back to our hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to be closer to family.

Recently, our two adult children — Daniel, 35, and Rachel, 33 — came to Wendy and my rescue for a week, helping us stage our home for sale. In the basement, we discovered tons of memories in the form of old toys, keepsakes, and virtually every homework assignment, report card, dance costume, and trophy they left behind.

Although a tear or two was shed reminiscing about the good times together, that week was filled with much youthful hope for the next phases of our lives.


Take some time this week to engage your family and friends in a trip down memory lane to rekindle some of your best times.

Open a dialogue about your individual and collective hopes for the future, which will provide you more happy times to reminisce over in the years ahead.

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  1. In January 2019 I started a journey of decluttering. Yes caught up in the whole Marie Konda thing, however more for simplifying life. I have husband who has a brain injury and a son with ADHD and Dyslexia, both of them operate better with no chaos. During sheltering in place this past year, we have been able to look at pictures, share stories with our teenage kids of our life BC (Before Children) and give treasures their place of honor and use in our home. It’s a sweet journey, thanks for sharing yours. Best of luck in your move.

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