“The seeds of greatness grow faster in the hearts of those doing work they love.”

—Brendon Burchard, American Motivational Author

Image of hand holding seeds of greatness

Image from Flickr by Elis Alves

I recently read Adam Grant’s book, Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success.

Adam is an award-winning researcher, and Wharton’s highest rated professor. Among the many important forces he discovered through his extensive research is the critical elements of relationships, and their impact on success.

He discovered that people operate as takers, matchers, or givers, resulting in various degrees of success based on whether the focus is on oneself or others.

Giving, it turns out, especially in work that people truly enjoy and makes a meaningful contribution, seems to be most highly correlated with the greatest levels of success.


How and in what ways can you start or do more of the work you love, so that you reap an even greater harvest in your professional and personal lives?