“Start chipping away.”

Arthur C. Brooks, American author, public speaker, and academic

Image from Unsplash by Dominik Scythe

From the moment we are born, life appears as an additive process. We gain all types of life experiences, lessons, relationships, and other stuff as the years go by.

As we enter adolescence and adulthood this process seems to increase exponentially. Our growth and added strength have given us the capacity to carry many things, and so we do. There is a ton of evidence out there that doing and having more is how to play the game.

At some point however we begin to tire. The ability to discern the truly important parts of life from the less has us looking for some relief. Our efforts can shift from the pursuit of success to a sense of greater significance, in which less is more.


How can you sculpt your life by chipping away at more of the non-essential aspects of your world?