The Greatest Thing About Man

“The greatest thing about man is the ability to transcend himself, his ancestry, and his environment, and to become what he dreams of being.”

—Tully C. Knoles, early president of the College of the Pacific

Meme of Today's quote

Do me a favor. Please read today’s quote four more times.

Read it slowly.

Savor each word like a fine wine or choice morsel of an extraordinary meal. Let its full meaning sink into your bones to see how it does, or could, apply to your life today and as you move forward.

Where is your past or ancestry somehow holding you back and placing limits on what is possible?

Where is your current personal or professional environment blocking your progress and thwarting your efforts?


How can you summon the wondrous and extraordinary capacities within you to transcend your current self? How might this help you realize far more of your most inspired and compelling dreams?

Cultivate Something Special

“Like an oyster cultivating a pearl, cultivate something that is special to you.”

—Author Unknown

Image of a pearl in a shell

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I recently watched a National Geographic special explaining the process by which South Sea pearls are produced. The show demonstrates the massive lengths of time and even life threatening dangers involved in creating these beautiful and highly prized marine gems.

Each of us has abilities, talents, and characteristics that make us who we are. These special qualities bring much pleasure and satisfaction when we express them and share them with others in our personal and professional communities.

The use, practice, and pursuit of excellence and even mastery in these areas can create a sense of flow and timeless engagement, which often produces even more fulfillment.


What special qualities, talents, and unique abilities can you emphasize and cultivate moving forward?  Who in your communities can help you identify these qualities and support your growth in the areas that are special to you?

Check out The Secret Life of Pearls on the National Geographic Channel or on YouTube

All We are Capable of Doing

“If we were to do all we are capable of doing, we would astonish ourselves.”

– Thomas Edison

Roger Bannister’s historic break of the 4-minute mile.

What are two or three of your greatest personal achievements?

What percent of your total potential did it take for you to breakthrough to those achievements?

Many of us are aware of the story of how Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile. In the following few weeks, dozens of others did the same.

Look at other achievements in our society in entertainment, science, and business, to see what it took for people to reach those.


What are your unique abilities and talents and what invisible barriers must you break to astonish yourself?