appetite makes eating a delight

“Tis not the meat, but tis the appetite makes eating a delight.”

—Sir John Suckling, 17th Century English Poet

Image of a colorful feast

Image from Unsplash by Dan Gold

What are your very favorite foods?

Take a minute and actually visualize a plate or perhaps a buffet of your favorites set before you. Is your mouth watering and your stomach growling a bit? Consider these questions from the perspective of having an empty stomach, or being stuffed following a feast such as Thanksgiving.

Of what importance is having an appetite to your levels of pleasure and delight? In what other areas of your life could this metaphor apply?


What areas of your life cause you to hunger and feel delight in them? Consider the areas of learning, travel, work, community, faith, relationships, family, and adventure.

What other meaty areas would add to your delight, when getting full isn’t an issue?