Be a Gardener of Life

“Be a Gardener of Life.”

—Author Unknown

Image from Unsplash by Gaetano Cessati

Image from Unsplash by Gaetano Cessati

It is springtime in Michigan. We delight in the longer days, warmer temperatures, and the abundance of new growth we see everywhere.

All around, people are tuning up their lawnmowers, raking out flower beds, buying grass seed, garden flowers, and vegetables they intend to harvest during the summer and fall.

Given today’s quote, I suggest we plant, grow, cultivate and harvest some additional crops, including:

Patience Forgiveness Generosity Optimism
Kindness Service Curiosity Courage
Optimism Mindfulness Faith Family


Where and in what ways can and will you attend to your own life garden?

Feel free to respond to this post with other areas / seeds you intend to plant and harvest this season.