Savor the Most Fleeting Delights

“Savor the most fleeting delights of your days.”

—Author Unknown

Image of a tasty bite in chopsticks

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The word “savor” makes me think of appreciating of a fine meal with, perhaps, a glass of excellent wine.

Surely none of us would inhale that meal or guzzle that wine the way we would a burger and soda from a fast food chain!

Unfortunately, many of us race from one activity to another throughout our days, trying to be optimally efficient, and of course, highly productive.

What does running this rat race cost us in terms of our happiness and life satisfaction?

What would be the value and benefit of slowing down to truly savor and appreciate the delights of your day?


Consider creating a time log to identify where your time goes in a typical workday or weekend.

How and where will you do less, or stop doing some activities, in order to do more of, or start savoring, the things that delight you?

“You can only lose what you cling to.”

“You can only lose what you cling to.”
— Health Magazine published by Dr. Burke’s Sanitarium, of Sonoma County, California December 1905

Photo from Flickr by Mary Anne Enriquez

Photo from Flickr by Mary Anne Enriquez

Are there people in your life you would describe as “clingy”?

Perhaps they hold on tightly, invade your personal space, have an overly strong attachment or dependency, to you or another, or resist letting go of the past.

What response does their “clinginess” elicit from others?

Today’s quote implies that the more we cling to something, the more likely we are to lose it – whether that something is an inanimate object, or another person.


How might loosening your grip on the things you value lead to a more abundant life?