Tend to the small things. More people are defeated by blisters than mountains

“Tend to the small things. More people are defeated by blisters than mountains.”

Kevin Kelly, Founding Executive of Wired magazine

Image from Unsplash by Alexander Grey

How often do you make mountains out of molehills?

Where do you tend to overreact or exaggerate the severity of a situation and get stopped in your tracks?

Obstacles in life are as predictable as taking our next breath. Unfortunately, many occur like an elephant sitting on our chest and we panic before we can take our next step.

How would a more measured and objective view of your current challenges help you step over and climb the hurdles facing you?

Remember: All mountain climbers experience blisters.


Where in your world are you making mountains out of molehills?

What small things can and will you tend to today to get over these humps?


“We always weaken whatever we exaggerate.”

—Jean Francois de la Harpe, 19th Century French Playwright and Critic

Image of man with exaggerated muscles

Image from recapo

Someone once told me that if you say something good about yourself it is bragging, yet if someone else says the same thing it is the truth.

What happens, however, if these messages are exaggerated rather than shared with a reasonable level of humility or tact?

We are all familiar with bold and bombastic claims for new products and offerings through the media. In the recent political circus, the candidates made grandiose statements about themselves and against their opponents. What are your thoughts on such matters? Who do you choose to believe?


Where are you perhaps weakening your arguments, views, or influence on others by exaggerating things? What new or different strategy or approaches will strengthen your case?