I leave my troubles in my clothes

“When I go to bed, I leave my trouble in my clothes.”

—Dutch Proverb

Image of a pile of clothes on a chair

Image from Unsplash by Renata Fraga

Have you ever experienced insomnia?

How often do you literally carry your burdens and troubles to bed, through incessant thinking and rumination about an issue?

Besides being physically tired and mentally fatigued to begin with, you can’t really accomplish anything by letting issues churn in your head through the night. You only add to the stress by loss of the restful sleep you require to take on tomorrow with a full tank and a positive attitude.


What bedtime behaviors and rituals could you consider to “leave your troubles in your clothes”?

Consider asking friends and colleagues what works for them, or try searching “sleep strategies” on the web. You’ll be amazed by the volume of content, and the magnitude and impact of this common issue.