“If you want your children to…”

“If you want your children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.”

—Abigail van Buren, American “Dear Abby” advice columnist

Photo from Flickr by thetaxhaven

Photo from Flickr by thetaxhaven

As one born in the middle of the Baby Boom, I find it very interesting to discuss with colleagues and friends the attitudes and general work ethics of the various generations currently in the workforce.

Although there are benefits to all points of view and perspectives, this quote from “Dear Abby” (whose real name was Pauline Esther Phillips) is a good piece of wisdom and coaching for parents, and for business professionals bringing in the next generation of workers.


Examine your own developmental journey, personally and professionally. When has assuming personal responsibility, or having it placed on you by a parent, mentor, or organizational leader helped you become a more grounded person?