Take off the armor of adulthood and re-discover the joy of your inner child.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Luca Di Giovine

The holiday season is special. Whatever holidays you celebrate, take a trip down memory lane to reflect on some of your most precious moments from your youth.

How did you celebrate these occasions and who were the people that joined in on the fun?

Although many people and organizations put their heads down to finish the year strong, this is also often a time when we extend our days off with those we’ve saved.

With these extended blocks of time, we can more easily remove our armor of adulthood and play like we did as kids.


How and in what ways will you shed the armor of adulthood this holiday season?

What joyful activities will help you re-discover your playful side?

If some help is needed, look to the little ones in your life for some coaching.