“The eyes experience less stress when they can look upon a wider horizon.”

R. D. Chin, Feng Shui Master & Architect

Image from Unsplash by v2osk

Try reading a book held 4-6 inches from your eyes. Slowly move the text away an inch or two every few seconds until you can make out the words with some difficulty. Hold your gaze there and read one complete page — or even a single paragraph — and notice the strain.

Now move your arms away to the proper focal length and reread the same passage.

Sometimes we find ourselves far too close to a situation, in which we may lack the objectivity and perspective to see the whole picture. Zooming out to provide a wider view may be all that is required to see things more clearly.


Take a look at The View from Above with astronaut Terry Virts.

Sometimes a little distance is all you need to see things in a brand-new way.