“Read the last page first.”

-Nora Ephron, American Journalist and Screenwriter

image from novelideareviews.com

image from novelideareviews.com

I never could understand why someone would ruin the story by reading the end of a book first. For me it was like being given the punch line to a joke without the story that led to it.

From a coach’s perspective, however, “reading the last page” can be highly useful.

Consider the process of envisioning a new and better personal and professional future. In this process, you would likely be asked to generate written visions, missions, and goals that represent the happy-ever-after future you desire. At that point, you can reverse engineer the measurable results and action steps that will lead you there.


How can reading the last page first on your most important professional and personal life stories act as a catalyst to make more of your dreams come true?