Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending myself that I become rich.

“Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending myself that I become rich.”

Sarah Bernhardt, 20th Century French Actress

Image from Unsplash by The Tampa Bay Estuary Program

Today’s quote brings a lot to consider! Each sentence could easily be a post on its own. It’s the third sentence that captured my soulful interest today.

In economic terms, it is clear that when we spend our money we have less following our transactions.

The concept of spending oneself on matters of great significance is very different. Pouring ourselves into important matters and the people we love creates a richness money just can’t buy.


Which part of today’s quote sparks the greatest interest for you?

Please share your perspectives from your own rich experiences.

“Do something about it!”

“Do something about it!”

—Author Unknown

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How often do you experience the feeling of being upset? Examine your world and note things that are not where they should be, based on your beliefs and expectations. How often do you point your finger and blame others for the situations and events that are not proceeding as you wish?

The act of observing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, can be troubling. Practicing our capacity for equanimity and accepting things as they are rarely satisfies us for long. We simply revert to seeing far too many things out of place.

Consider a recent day in which everything seemed right in your world. Think back to your levels of intentionality and efforts to move things forward. How many T’s did you cross? How many I’s did you dot?


Where is your world showing you a puzzle with some pieces missing? Where is it time to do something about it, bringing a better picture of your world into view?


Outer Order Contributes to Inner Calm

“Outer order contributes to inner calm.”

—Gretchen Rubin, American Author and Speaker

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Consider the following life situations:

  • Finding something to wear in a cluttered closet
  • An e-mail or voice mail box filled to capacity
  • A dirty car, inside and out
  • Desperately needing a haircut
  • An unbalanced checkbook
  • Kids toys or clothing on the floor

Imagine having a genie, and that you can rub a lamp or snap your fingers and instantly all situations are in order. What happens to your heart rate, level of stress, or sense of general well-being?


Where would spending a little effort or even a bit of money bring greater order and a stronger calmness to your worlds?

Please also consider exploring the numerous resources available through Gretchen Rubin’s website.

Nobody in the history of the world has ever washed their rental car

“Nobody in the history of the world has ever washed their rental car.”

⏤Author Unknown

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Are you familiar with the “Endowment Effect”?

I wasn’t either, until I learned that it is our tendency to undervalue things that aren’t ours, and to overvalue things because we already own them.

Do you, like many people, have drawers, closets, or even entire rooms filled with items that you haven’t used or worn in years? What are these items worth to you, and what might it be costing you in having them take up space in your world?

Consider what you would actually pay for these items, if you didn’t own them already.


Imagine that you are planning to change your place of residence. The two criteria I’d like you to consider as you go through the things you own are:

  1. You will be downsizing your living and storage space by 25-35 percent.
  2. You must pay a substantial extra fee to bring all non-essential items along.

What would stay, and what would go?

What actions will you take based on your answers?

The Last Page

“Read the last page first.”

-Nora Ephron, American Journalist and Screenwriter

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I never could understand why someone would ruin the story by reading the end of a book first. For me it was like being given the punch line to a joke without the story that led to it.

From a coach’s perspective, however, “reading the last page” can be highly useful.

Consider the process of envisioning a new and better personal and professional future. In this process, you would likely be asked to generate written visions, missions, and goals that represent the happy-ever-after future you desire. At that point, you can reverse engineer the measurable results and action steps that will lead you there.


How can reading the last page first on your most important professional and personal life stories act as a catalyst to make more of your dreams come true?

Inspect what you expect

“Inspect what you expect.”

-Paul J. Meyer, Founder of the Personal Development Industry

Image from Flickr by Kate Ter Haar

Image from Flickr by Kate Ter Haar

One of the primary reasons people experience varying degrees of upset in their lives is unfulfilled expectations.

When we believe that something is supposed to happen, such as a friend or colleague making a promise on which they do not follow through, our blood can boil a bit.

If we take coaching from today’s quote, and inspect what we expect, we can often shift our expectations on the fly. This will reduce negative consequences considerably. On many occasions, the added attention we give to such matters increase the odds of our expectations being fulfilled.


How would the practice or habit of inspecting what you expect impact your personal or professional worlds for the better?

“A person’s actions…”

“A person’s actions will tell you everything you need to know.”

-Author Unknown

QC #796

Throughout my professional life I have been a people-watcher. When I attend seminars, workshops, meetings, and networking events, I pay very close attention to what people say, and even more to what they do.

In the age of the internet and social media, it is easy to view someone’s LinkedIn profile and website to see what message they are sharing with the world. I have a strong interest and sincere desire to work with remarkable, talented individuals, and often seek opportunities to meet with them in person. I want to see to what degree their actions support their messages.


What messages are people receiving when they observe you in your professional or personal communities?

How clearly are you letting others know everything they need to know through your actions?


You cannot talk your way out of something you behaved yourself into.”

“You cannot talk your way out of something you behaved yourself into.”

—Stephen Covey, self-help author

Image from Unsplash by Roman Melnychuk

Actions speak louder than words. They are all we really have to make our dreams of a better future become our reality.

Consider a business leader who consistently touts his core values and corporate vision, yet is seen by his colleagues to act inconsistently with these beliefs. Consider the individual who is constantly discussing his interest in health and wellness, but is often seen making unhealthy eating choices and is rarely seen engaged in physical activity.


Where in life can you bring greater alignment between your actions and your words?

To whom–besides yourself–will you make these promises, and what added support will be required to ensure this new level of personal accountability?